AllKids “Kids to School”


The AllKids ”Kids to School” program was set up to transport children from remote villages to and from the AllKids Learning Centre.  Prior to this program these disadvantaged Children would not be able to attend school making their outlook for a better future even more inaccessible.  Currently there are 502 students on the program.

Twice a year every student on the “Kids to School” program receive a school bag which contains a book, stationery and uniforms which is required for them to attend school.  As these basic items are generally unaffordable for their families the kind donations/sponsorships AllKids receives enables this to be achieved.

AllKids works closely with local public schools to provide disadvantaged students with the equipment needed to attend school.

Twice a year AllKids hold induction days (at the start of both the first and second semesters), to provide all students on the ”Kids to School” program with a backpack, books, stationery, uniform and flipflops, which they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Teachers preparing uniforms.

Each student receives 2 uniform sets, twice a year.

A total of 502 children from five different schools in Ream Commune received their induction day packages, allowing even the most underprivileged children access to education.

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